Security Services in Balanagar, We are the provided best services. Contact us +91 8106564126

We provide best security services in balanagar, companies for personal, residential, commercial & events purpose.

To our customers and those we hope will use our services, we say to you that in an industry which at present is essentially unregulated, you are entitled to be independently assured that the company responsible for safe Security Services guarding your property and business assets can demonstrate the ability, expertise and management control needed to carry out such important tasks.

Our Security Services includes:

  • Armed guard
  • Surveillance Guard
  • Apartment supervisors
  • Patrolling Guard
  • Cash transportation guard
  • Customs Security Officer
  • Bomb detection guard
  • Escort
  • Bouncer
  •  Bodyguards celebrity protection officers
  • Watchman with shift(day, night) basis

portfolio of services includes:

  • Security design and solutions
  • Fire safety, event security
  • VIP protection
  • Aviation security
  • Emergency response
  • Investigation work and
  • Integrated technology solutions providing man-tech solutions.

We work with the most successful companies.

The clients are as diverse as our ranging from households, businesses and industrial establishments. contact us 040 23400064, +91 8106564126. Thus as a renowned security service providers in Hyderabad.

Firstly We Aim To Deliver A Quality Service Through Our Professional And Committed In-House Team. We Are Efficient & Cost Effective Company Having Quick Response Teams

Hence we dedicate uurselves at offering seamless integrated Services To Ensure Client Satisfaction.


Mr.Dipak Debnath (Ex-Army)

Plot No-33, First floor,

Durganagar colony,

Punjagutta, Hyderabad.

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