Best Industrial Security Company in Hyderabad

As an industrial security company, we are recognized for our services which involve complete safety and prevention of loss of life at your site.

Being exceptional adroit professionals we ensure security to your highly sophisticated machines and safety to the workers by regular patrols.

Some of the advantages of our industrial security services are:

  • Our industrial security personnel is highly skilled and efficient to tackle the challenges of any large or small factory premises through continuous monitoring and guarding of the valuables and preventing violence.
  • Other than being the first person to meet the visitors, we are also the first to act during an emergency.
  • Keeping log books with the up-to-date recording of daily activities.

Group 24×7 Industrial Security Services are:

  • Access control
  • Material Inward and Outward Management
  • Vehicle Pass and Parking Management
  • Visitor Pass Management
  • Maintenance of registers, records and files
  • Adherence to safety procedure
  • Guarding the boundary wall
  • Regular patrolling inside the factory or go down
  • Maintaining order among labour
  • Coordination with external agencies
  • Reporting to Admin/Security head

We provide additional service of Undercover Agent under our detective division. If your company is suffering from abnormal wastage, pilferages, stock loss, security lapses, employee theft, employees having nexus with vendors, union related problems, workers creating nuisance with or without help of locals or any such related activity, then we can help you out in unearthing the real cause. contact us 040 23400064, +91 8106564126.


Mr. Dipak Debnath (Ex-Army)

Plot No-33, First floor,

Durganagar colony,

Punjagutta, Hyderabad.

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